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Introduction to guitar playing and musical expression

Easily comprehended and practical musical theory is fused with convenient guitar playing technique, muscle-memory exercises and full body movement to the music’s playing rhythm. For good practice we’ll use the student’s favorite songs, representing your own musical taste, and render a great guitarist out of every student.

Playing the guitar and singing simultaneously

This program shall train you in playing and singing together both to exercise correct use of the singing language, and so as to render confidence in creating a consonant musical environment. Body movement to the music playing rhythm is where lies the secret to playing and singing simultaneously, as well as the secret to correct music playing in general; creating an audible experience under the framework of rhythm.

Musical and general improvisation

Improvisation is real-time composition. Creating music while playing it. This ability is dedicated to writing music, as well as for instrumental pieces within a song (the infamous guitar solo). This learned skill, beyond improvisation techniques, is that of extracting harmonies out of musical scales broken into their components, like arpeggios and chords. These are derived from the scales and take place within the rhythm section.

Students will learn to play all possible chords very quickly, and improvise lead parts with relation to these chords. They do so by using the correct scales and relevant arpeggios, creating a consonant environment of harmony to render pleasant tunes in real-time. Conducting spoken conversation is analogous to the dialogue in real-time musical improvisation.

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