The Blues in 12 Bars - Yoav
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The first musical notes are easy to play so long as they accompany true interest in the musical experience. Playing good music confidently takes time and good practice. Here you learn exactly how to do that. Real fun musical experience, however, is transferred over to you at the first lesson already. In this program you learn how to play well out of the love of playing and of the musical experience.

Learning HARMONY


Harmony is the experience of a variety of musical notes playing in consonance together and apart. Musical theory is simply about a play of intervals between musical note pitches ordered together within a rhythmic framework in time. Music is simply a temporal play of sound pitch intervals.

The future sounds great


My students play and sing well and confidently, performing live with bands and also just for family and friends - having great fun. Our training method teaches how to practice effectively, as well, and fits a variety of ages, personalities and musical taste and styles. This program creates great guitarists.

Learning is interesting and fun


Talent is a very nice word of compliment. But in reality, every person is doing well whatever they get good practice - And we’ll practice well that in which we take good interest. We practice, that is, what we find truly interesting. This guitar and music program works also as catalysis for true interest in music, and trains musicians respectively.

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